Sleek and Curvy Chest of Drawers

Dimensions: 65 cm wide X 45 cm deep 130 cm high
Materials: Mapa burl, maple, plywood and paint

This cabinet really tests the limits of curvature within the framework of a functional chest of drawers. The sumptuous  burl figure of the mapa drawer fronts is dramatically spotlighted by the red hue of the cabinet.

Ride the Waves Buffet

Dimensions: 290 cm x 45 cm 82.5 x  cm high
Materials: Mahogany, wenge, mahogany crotch veneer

A serious dining table deserves a serious accompanying buffet. This custom-designed creation adds additional warmth and elegance to the dining room in which it resides. The abstract sculpted motif suggesting ocean waves complements the Nachum Gutman painting above.

Lady’s Chest

Dimensions: 110 cm x 47 cm x 120 cm high
Materials: Bubinga, wenge and maple

This chest was designed to be used for a woman’s intimate clothing. The bas-relief carving was created separately, then carefully sliced into appropriate sections which were then applied to the fronts of the drawers. The style of the piece is what Kimchi refers to as “neo-primitivism”.

“This is definitely a direction which I intend to explore further.”

- Kimchi

Sharp Definition Buffet

Dimensions: 200 cm x 52 cm x 110 cm high
Materials: Bubinga, wenge and maple

The powerfully graphic design of this piece was augmented by the choice of woods and the use thereof. The solid bubinga planks for the doors were chosen for the linearity of their grain. They were then cut on a slant to emphasize the angularity of the piece. The dark wenge base rises up towards the center where it is punctured by the downward thrust of the maple drawer column. To all of this is added an intricate inlay motif on the top. The angled swath of inlayed wood changes from maple to buninga and then back again as it traverses the sections of the cabinet.

Yin And Yang Wavy Cabinets

Dimensions: 220 cm x 45 cm x 230 cm high (entire composition)
Materials: Cherry, maple and purple heart

These pieces were technically quite challenging  to construct. The wavy walls were created in specially made laminating jigs. Getting all the pieces to meet properly was a good exercise in geometry. The drawers have finger pulls incorporated into the carved motif. Ideal spacing between the two cabinets is determined by the inlay on the drawer fronts.

Quiet Modernity Entertainment Unit

Dimensions: 280 cm x 52 cm x 230 cm high
Materials: Maple and bubinga

The client who ordered this piece was looking for something at once ordered and unusual. Despite being entirely symmetrical, this unit has a sense of playfulness and movement that is anything but run of the mill. The drawer pulls and door handles in the center sections were created by cutting shapes out of the maple fronts and attaching a contrasting bubinga backing.

Lady’s Lingerie Chest #2

Dimensions: 64 cm x 46 cm x 135 cm high
Materials: Bubinga, wenge and maple

This cabinet offers a set of drawers of staggered depths to house various types of clothing and personal items. The sinuous maple carving on the fronts serves as the handles and the main focal point of the piece. The cabinet is raised off the floor and supported by wenge members that attach it to the uprights.

Art Nouveau Book Case/Display Cabinet

Dimensions: 165 cm x 35 cm x 210 cm high
Materials:  Cherry

The unusual wave of the ceiling in this abode called for an exceptional design to complement the architecture. This piece, which clearly derives its inspiration from the Art Nouveau stile, rises to the challange. The tall narrow open section is actually the paneling for a space running through the wall to the other side, which is adorned with a sculpted frame and molding as well.

Integral Wave Entranceway Cabinet

Dimensions: 330 cm X 40 cm deep x 260 cm high
Materials: Cherry, Padouk wood

The impetus for this custom designed cabinet was three-fold: Firstly, it serves to hide the main plumbing pipes whose location was poorly planned. Secondly, it serves as a coat closet with additional space for storage. Finally, the piece creates a tailor-made nook for a large oil painting, and showcases it in a grand way. This is a classic example of how Kimchi can turn architectectural mishaps into great opportunities.