A Fallen Soldier’s Passion Lives On

Dimensions: 340 cm x 30-60 deep x 220 cm high
Materials: African walnut, graphics printed directly onto glass, computer and keyboard

Lieutenant Shimon Shpringer of Kibboutz Tirat Tzvi fell in battle during the Yom Kippour War in 1973. In his memory his surviving siblings commissioned a piece on the occasion of the fortieth year since his passing. Shimon was a great lover of nature and the Land of Israel, and an avid hiker. He also chose to become an officer in the IDF tank corps and make an extra contribution to the people and State of Israel. His family felt it would be appropriate to contribute to a post-high-school program (mechina) whose goal is to prepare youths to take a more active and responsible role both during their military service and thereafter in society at large. The family chose to make their donation to Mechinat Ein Prat, in Cfar Adumim.

Kimchi joined forces with architect Yael Mann and graphic designer Hamoutal Laurens in the creation of this piece. The guiding concept for this unit is that it should both provide information and images about Shimon’s life and army service and serve the mechina students in their studies. Particularly, the intention is that they use the unit while planning hikes and other outdoor activities. In this way Shimon’s passion for the Land of Israel live on and inspires other young people to connect with the land and serve the people.

Regal Sculpted Mirror

Dimensions: 115 cm x 150 cm high
Materials: Cherry wood

Mirrors offer excellent opportunities for a bit of unique sculptural art. A well-placed mirror in the entranceway makes the home a pleasure to come back to. In these photos additional pieces of Kimchi’s designer furniture can be seen.

Commemorative Monolith for Hotel Lobby


Dimensions: 230 cm high x 90 cm on each facet of the triangle
Materials: Mahogany, wenge, laminated graphics

In 1962 Irby Cooper together with his father, purchased their first franchise in the hotel business. Since that time the business, which was later named Cooper Companies, has grown into a veritable empire of quality hotels. Irby was well known both in the hotel field as an exemplary business man of upstanding character, and in his community (Memphis, Tennessee) and as a charitable individual. In addition to this, he was a strong supporter of the arts and took pains to incorporate fine original artworks in the public spaces of his hotels.

Irby passed away in the year 2000, and the company is now run by his children who continue to expand upon his legacy. The company today owns over two dozen fine hotels throughout the eastern United States.

This triangular monolith was commissioned by Irby’s children and now stands in the lobby of the Double Tree Hotel in Memphis. The piece was designed to achieve several goals: First and foremost, one of the panels is dedicated to telling about Irby Cooper, the founder of the company. Second, the additional panels serve to provide information about the hotel’s facilities and upcoming events and attractions. Lastly, the piece adds a sense of drama and grandeur to the lobby area. In this fashion Irby’s legacy, both as a man and as an entrepreneur,  continues to thrive and is made available to all who use the hotel. In addition to this piece Kimchi has created custom made furniture and sculptures for many other Cooper Company hotels.

Eastern Winds Hall Table and Mirror

Table: 90 cm x 32 cm x 80 cm high
Mirror: 80 cm x 105 cm high
Materials: Book-matched yew burl and wenge

There is nothing like a striking, matching hall table and mirror to set the tone in the entranceway to one’s home. I have designed many of these ensembles and always enjoy exploring the theme from a fresh angle.

Kissed By a Rose Carved Mirror

Dimensions: 60 cm x 5 cm x 120 cm high
Materials: Mahogany wood

Kimchi’s sculpted wall hangings and carved mirrors generally tend more towards the semi-abstract. However, the very special client who ordered this piece desired something sweet and delicate to adorn her bedroom, something very specific. She knew she wanted a rose. Kimchi set out to create a piece of wood art that complied with the client’s request for the particular and yet still had that typical sense of flow that usually characterizes his work.

Creative Corporate Shelving

Dimensions: Two shelves 250 cm x 32 cm x approx. 16 cm high each
Materials: Mahogany

Structural requirements created indented niches along the corridor of a corporate office building. In a typical example of Kimchi’s creativity he turned these otherwise unused spaces into a showcase for some of the company’s publicity photos and emblems. Thanks to these two pieces of functional wood art the corridor has become one of the building’s attractions, adding an element of fine design and enhancing the walk to the coffee machine.