Woman in Walnut

Dimensions: Base 40 cm diameter x 68 cm high
Materials: Walnut, wenge

This flowing form of a woman was sculpted from a block of walnut. It is a classic example of how the natural “imperfections” in the wood add character and richness to the carving. The three tiered base creates a subtle transition from the representational to the abstract wholeness of the circular form.

Free in Flight Sculpture

Dimensions: approx. 45 cm x 30 cm x 40 cm high
Materials: Spalted mapa burl with walnut base

“The form here emerged almost of its own from a massive log of mapa burl I had been saving for years. Initially, as I began sculpting I had no preconceptions, yet gradually the bird began to take shape. The texture of the wood is shown off beautifully in the curvature of the wings.”

- Kimchi

Negative Space Cut-Out Sculpture

Dimensions: 65 cm x 30 cm x 55 cm high
Materials: African walnut

These two flowing forms that appear to be in perfect harmony with each other are actually the cut-outs from the oval form in the base of the Negative Space Coffee Table. This is a wonderful example of how an artist can allow himself to be surprised by what emerges from his work. Through a process of observation and trial and error, often completely unexpected and pleasing results are obtained.

Flora and Fauna in Eden Wall Sculpture

Dimensions: 82 cm x 58 cm x 6 cm high
Materials: Mahogany wood

Kimchi’s love of Art Nouveau imagery was the inspiration behind this sculpted wall hanging. The intertwining of human forms with vegetation has been a recurring theme in much of his work over the years. In this piece of wall art Kimchi strove to achieve the perfect harmony between the figurative and the suggestive. One can expect to see more along these lines in the future as Kimchi continues to explore this delicate balance in wood art.

Entwined Flames Sculpture With Base

Dimensions: 34 cm x 34 cm x 150 cm high (with base)
Materials: Mapa burl sculpture and wenge base

This sculpture was carved out of a single log. Accessing some of the areas for sanding and finishing was challenging and required much patience and perseverance.

Woman in Black Sculpture With Base

Dimensions: 35 cm x 25 cm x 75 cm high (with base)
Materials: Unidentified, extremely dense log-ebonized, wenge base

“I discovered, one day, a small log that had been seasoning in a dark corner of the workshop. It seemed to lend itself beautifully to being a female torso. Originally I thought it to be some kind of fruit tree. However, upon digging in deeper I was surprised by the extreme hardness of the wood, a fact which allowed for very sharp detailing. Upon completion the piece was dyed black to give it a more mysterious aura.”

- Kimchi

Couple Emerging From the Block

Dimensions: 35 cm x 28 cm 60 cm high
Materials: Mapa burl, mahogany

Having read descriptions of Michelangelo’s creative genious, Kimchi sculpted this couple in hommage to the Rennaisssance master’s “Atlas Slave”. In a similar fashion to his predecessor, Kimchi began working the block and “allowed” the human forms to metamorphose as if on their own.

Spiral Based Sculpted Bowl

Dimensions: 45 cm x 30 cm x 37 cm high
Materials: Mapa burl

This sculpture was created from a marvelous log of burl. The prized knobs of burl were retained along the upper rim to juxtapose the smoothly sanded contours of the remainder of the piece.

Deconstructionist Wall Hanging

Dimensions: 220 cm x 110 cm high
Materials: Wenge, purple heart, walnut, bubinga, yew and curly maple

This  striking wall hanging was commissioned by a luxury hotel in Florida. All the pieces were fastened to a backing that was inserted into the wall panel to create the free floating effect. All woods were retained in their natural hues.

The Seven Days Of Creation Wall Hanging

Dimensions: 220 cm x 110 cm high
Materials: Bubinga, walnut, purple heart, wenge, yew and maple

“This is only one out of a series of seven wall hangings I created depicting the biblical creation story. The sculptures were commissioned to adorn the walls of the banquet hall in a five star hotel in Florida. Here we view the culmination of the sixth day – the creation of man and woman.”

- Kimchi

Star of David Rising From Sinai Wall Sculpture

Dimensions: 50 cm wide X 6 cm X 70 cm high
Materials: Mahogany wood

In addition to his principal occupation of creating wood art, Kimchi enjoys drawing and painting in various media. He also is an avid reader of art history. As this piece of wood art began to emerge,  Kimchi realized that it seemed to suggest a close connection to the work of Samuel Bak, the painter. The theme here is the rising of the the people of Israel from a midst the wilderness. The desert mountains appear to be metamorphosing into the star of David.