Sheaves of Wheat Dining Table

Dimensions: 265 cm X 120 cm X 75 cm high (Extends to length of 415 cm)
Materials: Mahogany, mahogany crotch veneer, wenge wood

This regal dining table was designed to be positioned with the end facing the entrance of the home. The clients envisioned placing chairs only along the sides and making the ends the focal point of attention. They also had a strong desire to give homage to the concept of sheaves of wheat – representing man’s connection to the earth and implying thankfulness for its bounty. Kimchi had a wonderful time carving this motif into the custom made dining table. The vibrantly textured crotch veneer was hand picked together with the client. This piece of wood art is only one part of an entire set of custom designed dining furniture that was commissioned from Kimchi.

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