Bubinga Sunburst Bed and Night Tables

Queen size bed frame
Headboard: 310 cm x 95 high

Materials: Bubinga, wenge and lacewood

The client who ordered this set had been waiting years to find just the right ambiance to adorn her bedroom. The goal was to acheive an atmosphere of understated passion combined with user-friendly practicality.

Leaves In The Wind Bed And Night Tables

Queen size bed frame
Head Board: 270 cm x 35 cm x 80 cm high
Sculpture: 160 cm x 60 cm high
Materials: Mahogany, wenge and mapa + assorted woods for sculpture

The head board contains a central blanket chest with access from above and a pair of drawers and open compartment on either side. The sculpture was designed to accommodate back lighting which radiates a gentle warmth and adds coziness to the atmosphere.

Swath of Padouk Bedroom Furnishings

Bed: 200 cm x 170 cm x 40 cm high
Night tables: 60 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm high
Cabinet: 440 cm x 220 cm x 60 cm deep

Materials: Cherry, padouk

These bedroom furnishings were designed for a couple who appreciate refined, modern design together with the richness and luster of solid wood. The simple theme of the swath of inlaid padouk in addition to the detailing on the handles gave this bedroom just the ambiance the clients were after.

Quietly Refined Bedroom Set

Queen size bed frame
Head board / cabinet: 300 cm x 60 cm x 160 cm high
Night: 60 cm x 45 cm x 50 cm high
Materials: Bubinga and wenge

The clients who commissioned this set were enthusiasts of extremely minimalistic design with a great love of wood. They required a headboard that would serve also as a room divider, the rear of which functions as a clothes cabinet complete with full length hanging capacity and sliding doors. An accompanying pair of low and high dressers was also created to complete the set.