Additional Pieces
Sunburst Chazzan’s Stand

Dimensions: 70 cm x 60 cm x 115 cm high
Materials: Cherry and wenge

A good podium offers the leader of the prayer service an opportunity to really feel rooted and connected.
This piece has a drawer with sculpted front and a laminated, curved back.

Black Velvet Podium

Dimensions: 65 cm wide x 55 cm deep x 125 cm high
Materials: Ebonized maple

In this piece Kimchi  sought to create an abstracted form that bespoke sleekness and refinement. Every angle offers a different view of the drama.

Keeping the Covenant Elijah’s Chair

Dimensions: 65 cm  wide x 70 cm x 180 cm high
Materials: Wenge, Bolivian rosewood, lacewood, leather upholstery and pure gold leaf

An Elijah’s chair must serve as a functional piece of furniture, with very specific requirements. In addition it should reflect the spiritual significance of the ceremony for which it’s designed. This piece in endowed with multi-leveled symbols, alluding to various covenants mentioned in the bible  between God and the People of Israel.

Twelve Tribes of Israel Monumental Wall Scuplture

Dimensions: Each panel 52 cm wide x 235 cm high
Materials: Cherry

These hand-sculpted panels of The Twelve Tribes of Israel adorn the Kerem BiYavneh Yeshiva. Six wall sculptures face the six columns on either side of the main hall. Each carving is accompanied by decorative paneling and moldings which serve to frame and accentuate the sculptural works.

The creation of artistic pieces for the synagogue offers Kimchi an opportunity to make the sanctuary space more inspiring, which in turn, can encourage a more spiritually uplifting religious experience.

The subject of the twelve tribes has especially strong resonance in this regard and offers Kimchi a well spring of inspiration.

Each tribe is sculpted in its own particular artistic language. The figurative symbols represented at the top of the panels are hinted at in the abstract carving below.

Swan Necked Prayer Stand

Dimensions: 60 cm x 50 cm x 120 cm high
Materials: Mahogany

This prayer stand, or “shtender”, is definitely appropriate for someone who really wants to invest in his synagogue accessories. The base was carved out of a solid block of layered mahogany. The top section comprises a storage compartment with a raising top. This piece can either stand on its own or be part of a whole set of synagogue furniture.

“Parting the Red Sea” Prayer Stand

Dimensions: 85 cm wide x 80 cm deep x 125 cm high
Materials: Teak

Kimchi always pays special attention to the tactile aspect of his work. When creating a piece of synagogue furniture such as this prayer stand, or Shtender, he will go to lengths to assure that the contact between the piece and its user will be friendly and inviting to the touch.

Sephardi Torah Case-in Memory of Fallen Soldier

Dimensions: 35 cm diameter x 95 cm high
Materials: Cherry, custom made embroidery

Sergeant Nissim Ovadia Alon from the Golani Brigade fell during active duty in 1992. On the occasion of the twentieth year of his passing his family chose to dedicate a torah scroll in his memory. In addition to this very meritorious contribution they also wished to house the torah in a unique, hand-crafted wooden case – one that would evoke a personal connection to the holy book and the soldier in whose memory it was inscribed.

In this venture Kimchi collaborated with embroidery artist Sarah Shevach. The concept incorporated is that of the tree of life. Through careful planning and close cooperation with Shevach Kimchi succeeded in creating the impression that the wooden branches metamorphose into the embroidery. An additional aspect of the tree motif is that it recalls the family name of the fallen. (Alon means oak tree in Hebrew.) Finally, at some level it also is reminiscent of the Golani Brigade’s traditional emblem.

The torah scroll and case were dedicated in the Tekoa synagogue.  Those present at the occasion were deeply moved by the unique beauty of the work as well as by the  particular significance of the event.

Twelve Tribes of Israel Wall sculpture

Dimensions: Each sculpture 60 cm X 60 cm
Materials: Cherry and maple

After creating the “Raise Thy Eyes to Jerusalem” ark ( aron kodesh ), I was commissioned to create a series of wall-mounted wood sculptures to adorn the walls on either side of the ark. As background preparation for the drawings I met at length with the community’s rabbi to gain a more in-depth understanding of the biblical essence of each of the Tribes of Israel. Each wood wall sculpture is unique, yet they all share the same materials and overall framework, thus creating a unit whose impact is greater than the sum of its parts.

Mount Sinai Lectern

Dimensions: 75 cm x 55 cm x 170 cm high
Materials: Cherry and maple

This podium, which serves as a reading desk in the synagogue, was designed for the “Mount Sinai” ark. It is adorned with electrical lighting coming up through the menorah.