Office and Home
Sculpted Drop Leaf Desk

Dimensions: 155 cm x 65 cm x 128 cm high
Materials: Cherry and curly maple

This desk is designed to look attractive both open and closed. It also allows one to hide the messy work area in a jiffy. It is endowed with four deep drawers below, and four delicate drawers to house smaller items in the upper tier. An accompanying chair and mirror were made to complete the ensemble.

Undulating Desk

Dimensions: 220 cm x 85 cm x 75 cm high
Materials: Bubinga with wenge base and maple accents

This massive desk, shown in rear view, is the centerpiece in the home office of a high-tech company owner. He sought something adventurous to inspire him while coping with the challenges of running his business. The flowing, sculpted forms wrap around the corners to the front, where they serve as drawer handles.

Art Nouveau Vanity

Dimensions: 90 cm x 60 cm x 105 cm high
Materials: Mapa burl, mahogany and wenge

The amazing grain of this mapa burl sets the tone for this piece. The crisp, fluid carving of the legs and upper section add a feminine touch to this bedroom furnishing.

Corporate Desk

Dimensions: 240 cm x 85 cm x 75 cm high
Materials: Bubinga with maple interiors

This massive desk adorns the president’s office at the head of an American multi-hotel firm. The sloped uprights allow for a strong sense of drama in the design, while imparting an open, airy feeling. The drawer pulls are crafted as an integral part of the carving.

Round Conference Table

Dimensions: 140 cm x 140 cm x 75 cm high
Materials: Lacewood, padouk, maple and wenge

This six-legged table was commissioned by a hotel firm for their board room. The goal was to create an atmosphere at once intimate and sophisticated. The piece is an exercise in circular geometry and interlocking joinery. The company’s initial is inlayed into the center of the top design.

Corporate Office Furnishings

Assorted furnishings:
Desk, long credenza, corner cabinet, wall unit

Materials: Bubinga,  curly maple, wenge

It’s probably safe to say that the moment anyone enters this corporate office he or she will be immediately impressed by the sense of uniqueness and the fine quality of all the custom made furniture.  There can be no doubt that the company in question has self-respect and a high level of professionalism. This is exactly the message that the client wanted to get across.

In addition to this,  being surrounded by lovingly finished, custom made wood art can only enhance the quality of life in the work environment.

Solid State Boardroom Table

Dimensions: 320 cm x 140 cm x 75 cm high
Materials: Bubinga, curly maple and wenge

This conference table was specially designed to accommodate the most up to date, high-tech hardware for executive meetings and presentations. Constucted in four quarters and eqipped with custom-made fasteners, it is designed for ease of transport and assembly.

Sharply Styled Shelf Unit

Dimensions: 160 cm x 40 cm x 90 cm high
Materials: Bubinga,  curly maple

This corporate office has as its centerpiece a massive and finely detailed conference table commissioned from Kimchi. There was an additional need for a bit of closed storage conveniently located near by. Kimchi worked with the company’s architect to create a custom designed unit that would match the client’s needs and add another touch of refinement. The drawer handles offered an opportunity to reflect the inlay detail in the conference table.


Corporate Office Reception Furnishings

Coffee table: 120 cm x 120 cm x 42 cm high
Hall table: 150 cm x 40 cm x 90 cm high
Materials: Bubinga, lacewood, curly maple

The reception area of this corporate office is especially welcoming thanks to the warmth and richness of the fine hardwoods employed in these pieces of custom made furniture. The owner of this company realized that a serious office requires a well planned and beautifully executed entrance way and reception area. He wished to imbue the public spaces in his new building with a unique atmosphere of creativity and quality created  through use of Kimchi’s fine woodworking.

Compact Corporate Office Furniture

Cabinet: 230 cm X 180 cm X 45 cm deep
Desk: 220 cm x 75 cm x 75 cm high
Materials: Mahogany, maple

While compact, this corporate home office bespeaks a sense of solidness and stability. The client who commissioned this unit is a senior investment adviser. He wanted Kimchi to create an atmosphere befitting of his profession and stature. Within the guide lines of quiet, clean design, Kimchi planted a few hand-crafted touches, such as the sunk/protruding handles on the drawers.

City Scape Corporate Wall Unit

Wall unit: 480 cm x 50 cm x 240 cm  high
Desk: 180 cm x 120 cm x 75 cm high
Materials: Bubinga, curly maple, wenge

This immense wall unit combines close storage and open shelving with an additional work space used in informal meetings. The client has sensitively decorated the display spaces with a selection of books and personal effects that allows visitors to attain a taste of the CEO’ character during as they enter the office. The work surface is outfitted with two pairs of discreet, custom designed drawers for housing useful items and equipment.